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Tinie Tempah: Discovering Destiny

Interesting documentary. Dreams can come true.. 😮


Tinie Tempah – Til I’m Gone Feat WIZ KHALIFA

Tinie Tempah Talks On Breaking The US Music Industry

Tinie Tempah has admitted that people in the US have ‘no awareness’ of Britain he said: ‘There’s no awareness of Britain (in the US). ‘When I was out there I was asked ‘You are from the UK. So do you speak German?’

He added that when he first played the States the first people to come out to see him were UK acts like ‘Jay Sean, Estelle and N Dubz’. He said that attempting to make it in the US has paid off.

”Written In The Stars’ has broken into the official Billboard Top 40′, thanks in part to it being used on the ‘Wrestlemania’ show.

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Tinie Tempah – Wonderman (Official Video)

Tinie Tempah .. The Next “Grime Star”

His been on the grind from long time.. Congrats fam

Tinie Tempah – Pass Out [EXCLUSIVE] Official Video

This will be big..