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Foz Tee – What The UK Is Missing Volume 3!!

This is my 3rd mixtape of 2010 – Another 20 tracks of great music for your ears!!

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Who Is Kanye West’s New Girlfriend: Shay UK Bombshell

Hip-Hop powerhouse Kanye West has always had his personal life spread across page six. While Kanye tries his best to avoid the spotlight outside of his entertainment career, the media loves to know exactly what he is doing and who he is dating. With a recent split from Amber Rose Kanye has already moved onto Shay, the UK bombshell.

The all natural 30 JJ (bra size) model is repping East London. She was born in Kenya but refuses to tell the year of her birth, which would reveal her age. Her background includes Italian, Kenyan, Arabian, and Portugesse.When she’s not modeling she is studying publishing in school and works with children. Her newest profession is playing the role as Kanye West’s full time girlfriend.

Her body is too much .. Jezzz

Shay was quoted saying ” The biggest misconception of me is…they THINK I’ve had surgery. I’ve heard it all, fake boobs, fake nose, lipo etc… I just think, “damn can’t someone look good without someone else thinking they’ve gone to a doctor?  SHEESH. Or even hoe, sl*t etc… But the real question is HAVE YOU SCREWED ME? Nope, didn’t think so.”

Back On My Blogging Ish …

Been away for a lil while… Life got abit hectic.. Music Music Music … But now i will fit the blog back into my life 🙂

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