Lady Gaga Gives Beyonce A Lap Dance [Picture]

Lady Gaga was seen sitting on the lap of Beyonce, while Beyonce used the telephone. At least that’s what up and coming artist Yamino saw when he stayed up all night to make a wonder digital photo of Beyonce and Lady Gaga getting it on, or Gaga performing a Lap Dance on Beyonce.

Either or, Lady Gaga absolutely loved it, as she tweeted Yamino’s photo, pretty much making his life. Lady Gaga Tweets: “I think the Pop Universe just imploded. Completely brilliant. Whoever made this: BRAVO.”

Yamino couldn’t be happier to be mentioned by Lady Gaga,he plans to sell the poster he made, tweeting: “I’m so glad I stayed up all night making that poster. I’ll be selling it today! Now I can say it is officially endoresed by Gaga.”

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