Nivea & Lil Wayne – Love Hurts [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Nivea and her baby daddy Lil Wayne hooked up for a steamy new video for Nivea’s single Love Hurts. In the video Lil Wayne and Nivea can be seen having sex on the counter, kissing and making out, while Nivea sings. Later Nivea decides to leave Lil Wayne, even shedding a tear. Its one of the best videos I’ve seen in a while. What do you think?

  1. The sex scene is a powerful flashback. I think it was brave for them to showcase that representation in the video very brave of them. it makes the lyrics more powerful I think! I like the way she sings the word love at the end. It says so much about hows she feels. deep. very deep. I think we are all connected to love in a crazy way in life. It never dies its like a bad memory.

  2. We just posted this video over on our blog, wow is all i can say, she out did herself in this video, its a powerful meaning which is all to true…love hurts


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